Weekend =D

 11-11-06/My Room/Mood: happySmile
I've made on my KNT site style today =] I think it's realy pretty.
It's a Ipod in a Barbieworld style, It's a picture of xanga with some text in it and a cute Lay, I've
got pretty mutch work on it =$ so please don't copy anything.
Many people asked me how I made this things, It's just that you have to remember
just theyse things:
1. Be originel (don't copy a style from people)
2. You may have a good Programe (not Paint but PSP or PS or something)
3. Just drop al youre inspiration in it
I hope you had something about this =] I have the same tips but then for Site names
1. Use youre imaginasion
2. Use a dictionarie
3. Use a English (or Dutch) Magzine =]
But I have to go now =$ I hate it but I have to
Lots of love


 10-11-06/My Room/Mood: NormalOnschuldig
I think I going to make a new style for my KNT site :) I don't know but I'm bored.
It's a boring Fryday, I went to school and I had a English Repetitie :S I didn't learend so much
so I think I'm 'de lul' just like they say in Holland :P And yesterday I had a LBS repetitie and I had a 6 for that :P
I think I'm maby (when I extra do my best) I go to Havo next year.I'm listening to P!ATD right now 'I write sins not tragedies' I love that song, but I'm not a gothic/punker or whatever ¬¬
I mean I hate boxes If you know what I mean ;) You know that kind of things people say just like 'youre an Emo' 'Youre a gothic' 'You are a whats-his-name' you know ;p But I go now...
Lots of love

Normal day

 8-11-06/My Room/Mood: happy Smile
It was a very normal day today, but first I want to thank Oumayma to help me with my blog TNQ honey «33 But about
today, I went to school and it was fun, we had Technique but It was more a "talk" lesson
If you know what I mean ;) And with History I had a 5.6/6.3 for a SO but I hate History, Why do we have to learn
it if we can make it by oureselfs. My back hurts :S because my bag was so DAMN havy.Why people do that to us? are they so dum that they don't even now that on this way we don't like school anymore.
I read the Vero Mode today :) it's a very cool magazine about The store Vero Moda I love it, there was a column about all the designers how work for Vero Moda all over the world (it's an English magazine)
You have to read that :O but enough for today
Lots of love

Gala night

Plaatje7-11-o6/Dad's desk/Mood:NormalOnschuldig
OMG OMG OMG In December or something I have a very cool Gala night :O I love it..
and now I have buyed a very cool and hot dress. He is Black with edge and stuff. But I have to go now :S I'm sorry
Lots of love

One day of my life =)

avril5-11-06/Dad's desk/Mood: Very happyLachend
It's now 12:04 so thats quit urly for me, I mean I woke up at 10 o'clock and I just wash myself and stuff. But I wanted to put a blog inhere :) with a very cool picture, waah damn I don't have so much to say than yesterday because it's so urly. I don't have so much to do today, except do my homework and stuff. But I have to eat now ¬¬'
Lots of love

New =DD

doll4-11-06/Room/Mood: HappySmile
I'm so happy today because I have at last a weblog,and i like it. It's the same name as my website has www.kindertent.nl/Basicbarbie. I don't do so much today, because it's weekend, OMG I love that word. Weekend it's so nice because you don't have to go to school, delicious. I've got new clothing from my mum, I love her so much...[aa] a new purple sweater and a top for under it, a kaki collor bodywarmer with a association collar (not real offcourse), a shirt with 'I love denim' and a blue grey stripe shirt :) But I have not so much time left so
Lots of love